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The tourist skiing complex Chimgan is located about 85 kilomtr. away from Tashkent, Chimgan village is situated between the mountain huge of dominant Greater Chimgan peak. It was settled from last 450 to 500 years before probably by Southern Central Asians. The climate is daily fluctuated & Continental, the days are warmer and the night are cool. The maximum temprature founds in July & starting of August,heavy rainfall causes in winter season, which promotes skiing tourism development. The Chimgan hills always attracts tourists for its sports & adventurous tourism There are good fishing opportunities in Chimgan & shakkupriksay rivers. The large variety of Chimgan & its surroundings allows the development of landscape tourism.
Chimgan Hills Uzbekistan
The highest peak of Beldersay skii-track is located at about 2850 meter. The skiing mountainiring season i'snt so much long, it begins in December & lasts in mid-March. In the second half of March, the descent becomes more difficult, due to the heavy & damp snow.The more sight is a strange geological feature of Chimgan, hills are red with iron oxide, very old lava beds, juniper forests, flowers, shrubs & Alpine meadows. The Chimgan Mountains are attractive for adventure tourism lovers.

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Chimgan Hills Tashkent